Email Tarot Card Readings

email tarot card readings

Email Tarot Card Readings

Email Tarot readings Card give you the in-depth guidance you need on the important topics in your life and you don’t even have to attend your reading!  Simply send your questions and I will send you a detailed and insightful reading that will cover the factors affecting your situation, the obstacles and opportunities involved and guidance on how to achieve the best possible outcome.

I want to ensure we are a good fit so we can work together to get you where you want to be.

My purpose is to help lead you to your correct path, I see it as a collaboration between us.  It is not about me telling you what you should do, but helping by highlighting any obstacles you may face and guide you to the best possible outcome.  I don’t tell you what to do or what you should do, but help you to come to the right decisions for you.

What questions can during my email tarot card reading and how should I phrase my questions?

You can ask about any area of your life – Love, Relationships, Studies, Finances, Career….the list goes on.

A general question will result in a general answer so if you want to know something specific, please ask a specific question.

Questions should be open ended and not closed as the cards respond better to open questions  For example “Will I get married” could be re-worded to” What will happen in my love life”  The more open type of phrasing allows the cards to give you more information of the circumstances surrounding the situation as well as the outcome.

I will not predict births or deaths.  I will not diagnose health conditions or predict the outcome of a health problem.  I don’t give readings on others without their consent.  I may tell you about other people in your life in so far as they relate to you, but not more than that.

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